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Windsock material : Nylon; PVC, custom
Windsock size : 1.2, 2.4, 3.6M, custom
Waterproof : YES
UV resistant : Custom
Product Details


1. LED Obstruction Light (optional)
• Lamp: Single lamp LED (multiple source)
• Standard: ICAO, FAA (L-810) and Transport Canada
• Power Supply: 100-240 VAC or 12 VDC
• Wattage: 1.5W
• Color: Red

2. Fabric Windsock
• Size: 0.9m x 3.6m, 0.6m x 2.4m, and 0.45m x 2.4m
• Color: Orange, red/white (5 bands)
• Material: Polyurethane coated nylon weighing 135g/m2
• Grommets: 1/2" brass, located at mouth for installation and underside for drainage
• Reinforcement: Double stitched; extra material on large diameter
• Fasteners: UV rated cable ties

3. Internal LED Lamp
• Qty: 2 for 100-240 VAC and 2.8-6.6 A; 1 for 12 VDC
• Total Wattage: 10W for 0.45m, 24W for 0.6m, 36W for 0.9m; 12 VDC uses 5W for 0.45m and 0.6m, 12W for 0.9m

4. Swivel
• Designs: Unlit, internally lit, and externally lit
• Material: Aluminum alloy parts, stainless steel hardware
• Rotation: 2 fully enclosed stainless steel bearings
• IP Code: IP65 rated
• Circuit: 6-circuit slipring, internal lamp and obstruction light independently wired, pre-wired
• Mount: 1-1/2" NPT male

5. Condulet
• Material: Aluminum alloy parts, stainless steel hardware
• Wiring: Strain relief pre-installed
• Mount: 1-1/2" NPT female top, 2" NPT female bottom

6. Basket
• Size: 0.45m, 0.6m, and 0.9m diameter
• Material: Aluminum alloy parts, stainless steel hardware
• Color: Powder coated orange
• Shipping: Collapsible for low-cost shipping and easy assembly

7. Electrical (not shown)
• Power Supply: 100-240 VAC, 2.8-6.6 A, 12 VDC (Solar)
• Standard: CSA certification, upon request for 100-240 VAC
• Safety: External manual disconnect switch
• Junction Box: Weatherproof PVC (100-240 VAC), vented aluminum (2.8-6.6 A and 12 VDC), all pre-wired
• Wiring: 6m SJOOW cable, pre-wired

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