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Solar light intensity aviation obstruction lights (LED) Manual
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one, The main parameters

Power supply: DC18.5V

Protection: IP65

Ambient temperature: -40 - 55

Flash frequency: 20 times / min

Light control sensitivity: 50-100LX

Source life: 100,000 hours

Second, the characteristics

  1. The product is my company independent research and development, with independent intellectual property rights.
  2. The optical lens used in this product is an invention patented product independently developed by our company.
  3. The product passed the inspection designated by the China Civil Aviation Authority.
  4. The product uses multiple satellites efficient LED as light source, the use of advanced chip packaging import life of up to one hundred thousand hours, with our company's own patents developed an optical lens, the optical effect is good, high light conversion efficiency, energy-saving effect.
  5. Battery using the most advanced ternary battery, large capacity, light weight, environmental pollution, long life of more than five years, greatly reducing the user's transportation costs and maintenance costs.
  6. The product is light weight, small size, installation is extremely convenient.

3, installation

1, the lighting installation convenience simple model, press the button on the switch body when the lamp can be normally used (Figure 1).

2, the switch is pressed, the lamp is placed in a dark environment or opaque object shielding test lamps whether the solar panel normal operation (i.e., flash lamps).

3, if the lamp is stored for too long, the battery power shortage lamps not working properly, the lamps placed under Qiang Lie sunlight exposure for more than 4 hours to work properly.

4, when charging the battery, a solar cell panel for charging a positive direction of direct sunlight.

5, the solar panel mounting fixture should south direction.

Fourth, the use of precautions

1, to prevent the lamp fell during transport and use, smashing, to avoid damage.

2, when the lamp used to immediately charge the battery in the daytime, to ensure sufficient power to provide the next time.

3, non aviation metal contact short plug-socket, to avoid battery explosion or damage to the circuitry.

4, prohibit the battery case is placed directly in the water or fire.

5, when the lamp is not used to store, turn off the key switch.

Fifth, product maintenance

In order to improve battery life, the lamp storage for more than 60 days, the need to charge placed outdoors.

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